Common Postal Service Rates

       All shipping rates are determined by the United States Postal Service ‘plug-in’ on this website and are calculated by the USPS according to distance and destination. Occasionally, other shippers shall be used, such as UPS or Fed Ex, if expedient or by specific request. Below are the typical shipping rates (calculated by the USPS as of January 1st, 2023) for a single boxed game of a typical size. The shipping rate will be adjusted for multiple items, but will otherwise be prorated when orders can be combined as a single shipment:

North America (Pacific Time Zone): $11

North America (Mountain Time Zone): $12

North America (Central Time Zone): $13

North America (Eastern Time Zone): $14

Alaska / Hawaii: $18

Europe: $29*

Australia / New Zealand: $37*

Asia: $30*

Africa: $34*

South America: $31*

Middle East: $29*

*For overseas destinations, shipping rates do not include a Value Added Tax (VAT) fee, although some overseas shipments may be eligible for a discounted retail price, depending upon the destination country, to offset VAT fees for any orders more than $50 (USD).

       We’re always happy to combine shipping; when ordering multiple products, the shipping rate will be prorated to reflect a combined shipping rate (and so your order shall be shipped together as one shipment in one box). Occasionally oddly-shaped shipments may require separate shipments on occasion. For unique shipping requirements or other inquiries, contact us at, and we’ll reply as soon as possible.