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Accurate Simulations is now active on consimworld.


Flags of the World War game pieces is available. Get one FREE with an order of Desert Storm: The Hundred Hour War!

The plastic piece CAD files for The Vietnam War and The First Cold War have been resized to proper specifications.


Desert Storm: The Hundred Hour War is now available!!! Shipments have arrived at the storage unit and are now being collated!

The plastic piece CAD files for The Vietnam War and the First Cold War have been finalized and are ready for mold layout.


April Promotion! Order Desert Storm: The Hundred Hour War and get TWO free Flags of the World Wars marker sets (WW1 and WW2)!

Meuse-Argonne proto playtesting completed.


Publication of our first magazine, Centurion, is being readied, though we were delayed somewhat as we waited for some advertisers to come
 on board (isn't that always the way it goes with new ventures?), but should be ready in mid-August.


We have been working diligently to begin printing The First Cold War. The final components are ready for print, and we expect printing to be
 ready before the end of the month. Stay tuned!


Our printer is readying an estimate to soon begin printing The First Cold War. We expect to have a print date within a week.

Design of Meuse-Argonne is wrapping up. In addition to the game itself, the designer has conceived several scenarios to provide players 
with historical set-ups based upon the progress of the battle as it actually occurred. Meuse-Argonne will include the primary game (the 
entire battle) and several individual scenarios.

Playtesting of WW2 in Europe is complete. The rules will soon be ready for layout and we can anticipate a possible print date for this 
simple and easy intro wargame, playable in an hour! Note, because of the simplicity and adaptability of the game, we are now considering 
a Napoleonic version of the game system.

The Meuse-Argonne design is completed and playtested. Three introductory scenarios are presently being designed to be added to the game, 
and will begin playtesting soon.


The tooling factory is preparing the molds for production for The War in Vietnam and The First Cold War plastic pieces. Production is expected after CNY. 

The Meuse-Argonne design and playtesting is complete, and the game piece art is finished. The map art will begin soon.

The rumored Desert Storm expansion game (Iraqi Freedom: Thirty Days to Baghdad) game piece art is finished.

The WW2: Europe game rules layout is in progress (all game piece and map art is complete).

A new strategic level World War One game (yet to be named) is under consideration.